International Waters | Surfwear
International Waters | Surfwear
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International Waters manufactures unique quality surfwear filled with values and innovation. It combines fresh feminine fashion with the comfort and features of activewear.�� El Sunzal is International Waters’ first surf suit.

Born at the beach and in the waves of Central America it is inspired by the needs of women surfers in hot climate. Designed with love for detail and produced under highest quality standards – also in regard to environment and working conditions.  El Sunzal therefore is the perfect choice for active and conscious women.

El Sunzal is a 100% happy-go-lucky product. Explore its unique features that incorporate your personal comfort and our global responsibility.

Active feminine cut

El Sunzal is designed by women surfers for women surfers. The design emphasizes the feminine figure. The high closing cut ensures that nothing will get out of place while the cheeky bottom creates a sexy look. No dragging and excellent shape retention thanks, to the use of XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber. Be active! Your suit will stay in place.

High quality fabric

International Waters uses long lasting high quality techno fabric produced in Italy. This ultra thin, quick-drying and breathable fabric makes your suit also comfortable to wear outside the water.

See for yourself!
Integrated pocket

Don’t worry about leaving money, car keys and credit cards at the beach while you are out there catching waves. El Sunzal has an integrated pocket on the left backside which closes with a zipper.

Perfect sun protection

The high neck and longsleeves protect those parts of your body that are exposed to the greatest amount of sun. The fabric is rated with SPF 50+ the highest sun protection. Give skin cancer no chance.


Enjoy the merits of upcycling. El Sunzal is made out of 78% Econyl, a 100% post-consumer waste polyamide yarn. And of course our server is 100% wind-powered.

Fair wages

Don‘t worry about exploitation. International Waters pays fair wages and is strives to support sewing collectives which help to create better living conditions around the globe.


El Sunzal longsleeve suit

This fashionable and athletic one-piece suit with long raglan sleeves, crew neck and cheeky bottom comes in a bi-colored asymmetric style. It closes with an invisible zipper along the sleeve-body stitching.  Quick drying, breathable fabric offers maximum comfort in and outside the water.  Protect your skin with SPF 50+. ����������Excellent shape retention and fit thanks to the use of XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber. The pocket on the left backside closes with a zipper and is ideal for money, cards and keys. The environmental friendly high quality fabric made in Italy is made up of 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane.

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The International Waters Foundation

Sports bring the world together, sports can be a way out of poverty, and sports rely on nature.  Especially water sports like surfing, diving and sailing are highly travel intensive and nature dependent. People that practice those sports travel around the world searching for the best waves, reefs and winds. Doing so they making friends with other people around the world that practice the same sport. They spend time and money in beautiful countries that are often not the wealthiest ones in the world. And they care for the environment because they depend on it to practice their sport. It is not fun to surf in between plastic bags and no one wants to dive a dead reef. Are you one of them? If yes you will like the idea of the International Waters Foundation which uses the power of sports  to connect, empower and protect. The International Waters Foundation receives a share of every purchased product and supports projects use water sports to building global friendships, to empower people, and to protect the underwater and coastal environment. We have already come across a lot of existing projects and project ideas that we would like to support in the future. Here are some of them: Train children from the Indonesian SOS children village how to dive to help them find jobs in the lucrative Indonesian diving industry that is currently manly run by foreigners. Buy a set of surfboards for the Escuelita de surf in El Paredon, Guatemala so that the boys and girl in that little fishing village hidden behind the mangroves can take advantage of the waves on front of their noses. Some of them already work as surf instructors, others go to international competition. More of them should have the opportunity to do so. Support the Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan WRAA, a newly accepted ISA member. The first afghan national surf championships will be held in May 2015 and are a great opportunity to give this war strikken country  new image and positive media attention.